​​​​My Philosophy of Ca​re 

In my practice, you will find a blend of​ old fashioned doctoring where you are listened to and treated w/ courtesy and dignity & where your time is valuable. 

My goal is to motivate and help my patients reach a higher level of health and to actualize their potential. 

I incorporate the triad of health. The triad is represented as an equilateral triangle with structural health being its base (bones, muscles), and the sides representing chemical (nutrition, toxins) and mental (emotional, spiritual) health. When a person experiences poor health, there is an imbalance in one or more of these factors.

I believe that good health is a process and not an event. Therefore patients seen by me take responsibility in the healing as they learn why their health problem has occurred and what they can do to help stop and reverse the process.

I am often asked if I treat conditions such as asthma, allergies, thyroid problems, migraines or ulcerative colitis as well as back, neck and muscle pain. My answer is that I don't treat the disease but I treat the person who may be suffering from any of the above mentioned problems or diseases.

And yes, I have helped patients w/ asthma, allergies, thyroid problems, migraines or ulcerative colitis function better and be symptom free.

The typical patient seen by me is the person who:

Suffers from a condition where a medical pathology has been ruled out but the other doctors cannot find the cause. 

Has a treatable condition and wants to utilize non-pharmacological means of getting relief.

Knows that health is a question of balancing the structural, chemical and mental components of healing. 

Wants to spend time with their doctor to develop the old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship based on trust and respect. 

My Insurance Policy & My Fees 

I am not affiliated with any insurance network. 

If I belonged to a network I would have to see patients in an assembly line fashion (10-15 minutes).

I would not be able to take time to, for example, balance the muscle pull on your spine or extremities or to do cranial sacral work or acupressure work or talk to you about your nutritional needs or suggest exercises or lifestyle changes related to your condition.

I spend 75 minutes on each visit/session so I can do the above.

Therefore I ask that my patients pay me directly and I fill out their insurance claim form and they get reimbursed by their insurance company if they are allowed to go "out of network" by their policy.

I charge $150 for the initial visit which includes consultation, examination and treatment and $120 for the following visits.  All visits/sessions are 75 minutes long.

The fees for my practice are moderate by New York City standards and can be paid in cash and check (no credit cards). Payment is expected at the time of service.